SBGi's Ken Allen wins again!

Ken won his third straight MMA match tonight at 145lbs. His first fight was won via submission in 17 seconds, his second under a minute. He wanted to go longer with this one. *(predictably I told him just to finish asap). However he got his wish and was able to work his stand up a little. Used the CM, worked some good hand combos, took knee ride, mount, and finished by armbar. I am not sure of the time, but around 2 minutes or so?

Ken will be getting his well deserved purple belt in BJJ sometime shortly, and is developing a very well rounded game. He is teaching and performing gi BJJ, no-gi, mma, and the full SBGi curriculum.

His total training time is about 19 Months now. No previous training!

He has honestly achieved a level of performance within a Year and a half that took older generation SBg'rs like Tom and myself five Years or so to achieve. It's pretty cool how the training methods and skill levels just shoot up Year after Year.

Tom called to get the results within minutes of the finish, along with Michael. All of us in SBGi Oregon are very proud of Ken.

There was also another Oregon SBG'r that competed tonight on very short notiice winning by sub, but I dont have the details yet. Will post later.

Enjoy the night!
-Matt Thornton

Holy shit! He's only been training a year and a half and he's getting his purple belt soon? Matt, I think this certainly speaks volumes about the level of coaching provided by SBGi. Awesome job!

Congratulations for Ken! Way to go!


Congratulations for Ken.

Matt, tell him I said hi.


Excellent news! Way to go Ken!


Kenny won the fight quite easily, he dominated positions on the ground, he got the take down very each time, took mount the back and pretty much picked his shots.

The only bad thing that happened in the fight was that the ref stood the fighters up while Ken just got knee ride was breaking the grip.

The other fighter was Guy from the Beaverton SBG and he got the take down and took mount and set up the armbar and he won via tap out, the fight lasted around 30 seconds or so.

Congrats to both fighters especially to Ken who I know trains hard!

Anyone who knows Ken knows how hard he works. He's a great down
to earth guy. I remember about 9 months ago tapping him out easy.
Now he owns me and everyone else on the matt. He's also a great
coach. Good work Ken, you're an inspiration to us all.



Ken has worked very hard!

Guy is also going to be amazing. He is already a great wrestler, and he is highly coachable. His performance at the last gorilla cup a week or so ago was pretty tremendous.

Who did Ken fight?

I'd love to see a match between him and Dennis Davis.

go Ken!! pass on my congrats matt


Ken- yay! you kicked a--!

JohnGib- he fought Kenny Davis Jr., a "streetfighter" from Scotts Mills.

Will do John.