Scars secret system

I read they were the best!

here we go again! Flame on!


They all deserve to rot in hell. In one of their mailings, they included the positive review Black Belt gave them, conveniently forgetting to mention that they PAY for full page advertising in Black Belt.

I'm more of a Cohmrac Bas or F.I.G.H.T. man myself.


Hell, I wuz gonna sing up for a TARGET FOCUS TRAINING seminar coming up in big Dallas. Seems the guy used to be like the second in command at SCARS and went out on his own. Matt Furrey even endorses it IN AUDIO on their website!

$1700 for a two and a half day seminar.


I'm starting to reconsider my line of work.

Scars cannot be defended against. Don't learn it, you will be TOO dangerous.

I'm starting to begin to think that after, say 6-12 months of training I could start doing the SCARS it to doctors and lawyers and other. I mean CHRIST thats a lot of dough!

I am soooo shaking my head at that amount.