Schilling/Behring at CJA Nationals

Great Job guys!

Albert Cheng (Training 1 Year 3 months)
155 lbs. to 169.lbs

1st Place Intermediate NO GI

Sam Osman(Training 10 Months)
205 lbs. to 224. lbs

1st Place Beginner GI-
1st Place Beginner NO GI-
1st Place Black Belt Kata-
2nd Place Black Belt Continuous

Jordan McDonald (Training 3 Months)
205 lbs. to 224. lbs

2nd Place Beginner GI-
2nd Place Beginner NO GI-
1st Place Brown Belt Continuous

Brian Keller(Training 7 Months)
170lbs. to 184.9
1st Place Beginner GI-
2nd Place Beginner NO GI

Joao Gomes (Training 3 Months)
Under 140 lbs.

2nd Place Beginner GI-
2nd Place Beginner NO GI

Steve Kemic(Training 2 Months)
225 lbs. and up

1st Place Beginner GI Super Heavy Weight

...ya but Joao should be ashamed for beating on some old sick guy like that.

Great showing by a lot of first timmers both on your team and ours. See you all at GTA.

Scott, what did Sam do for 1st Place Black Belt kata? I can't picture big Sam doing Congrats to your guys.

Old sick guy? Why did you compete?
He's Trained 3 Months, 1st Tournament and got 2 Silvers GI and No GI. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Hey Gill
Sam is a second degree black belt in Shodokan Karate
He did some 3rd Degree Black Belt Kata and took Gold.
He would have taken Gold in continuous but he kept getting disqualified for excessive contact. Actually his excessive contact calls were only in response to excessive contact shots that his opponent was throwing but he never even got a warning. It seems the refs don't like Grapplers coming in and beating the strikers at there own game. It was quite funny how the refs reacted during the matches.What was really funny is that with the CJA continuous rules, if you submit a guy the fight is not over, you just score 4 points and the fight continues from standup.


The refs at these tournaments are typically bad ( CJA stand up BB). They don't give you any credit for taking anyone down, because they don't understand the concept. The fact that a sub is not a win, well, enough said there. stupid!
I have fought this style for many years and stand up guys know, that if they are taken down, curl up into the fetal position for 30 sec. and they will get stood up.

Scott, thanks for the update. Congrats Sam! :)

Joao did awsome for 3 months. (and I was kidding before) I look forward to meeting him several times over the next few years. (hopefully)

And those two big guys in the sparring looked like they had been through a war at the end.

One of my teammates did a second degree black Kung-fu form (kata) for silver in that same event. They both got some comments from spectators as to how cool they looked compared to the others.

...and as far as the sparring event - it is their event and their rules. Live with them. We had no problem with any matches. The young guys and the kids had fun. That is about as intense of a battle as most of them will experience. We don't have any budding UFC guys.

Just another shining example of the top notch training we recieve at the Schilling/Behring academy!