Schoenauer- ???

did he win his fight?

whats up Doc?  Do you know if ALex won his fight?  I am out of town on biz and where I am staying there is no FSN

He beat Wiuff via Heel Hook

did he look good tonight? I heard that he was looking like a completely different fighter going into this and much more confident, did he look different to you?

Came out swinging for the fences but was very hard to keep down. He also was trying to work his position on the ground everytime he ended up there. He looked like he has been working hard.

I am glad he won, I dont know too much about Wuiff but I met ALex last year and he was a hell of a nice guy, he had a run of bad luck so its good that he has a win to start


Wiuff dominated the fight and got caught right after a re-set...

Alot of fighters are nice guys...Wiuff is a nice guy as Im sure Alex is but TW dominated that fight...But shit happens

Really, was it a good match up

Not sure what you mean fair fight???

was it a good match up?

Fucking fun to watch, and as much as I like Swick I'd have to bet on Schoenauer in a rematch, even though they're in different weight classes.

Swick ended that fight really quick, so you thing that if there was a rematch, if  swick went up in weight, alex would win?  He looks that different?


Are you kidding me? Swick would maul him again.

he did maul him, it was so quick, over before he knew it.