Schwab vs Cro Cop Rematch in Japan

No testing… Who takes it?

Gucci Boots and Hipster Jeans


Checkered Shorts and Head Kicks?

Cro Cop by decapitation...

Giventofly99 -

Cro Cop by decapitation...


Id like to see cro cop "ahhh-gaadoosh! " brendans fucking head off his shoulders

Doesnt matter Schaub already KOd him in violent fashion.

left leg = cemetary

I loves me some Cro Cop but he would get murked. Father time catches up with everyone.

He’d avenge the loss like the Gonzaga loss.

Schaub at the end of his run was far more shot than CC was as of a year ago when he fought in Japan.

Crop cop via being a fighter 

Not much reason to believe either was clean when they fought in 2010. I’d rather see meathead and schaub rematch