Scientific Fighting Congress&Hock?

I also posted this on the JKD forum, but thought that I might get some more expert opinion here.

What do you guys think of this Hock guy, what he teaches and his products, who heads an organization called the "Scientific Fighting Congress"? Anyone ever attended any of his seminars or bought any of his products?

He says that he teaches realistic fighting and self defense, both unarmed and with weapons. He also says that he takes what works regardless of the origin of the technique or training tactic and he also has like 20 or so years of experience as a soldier and a police officer so it seems like he has real world experience to judge the efficacy of techniques against.

What I understand to be his philosophy, through his product descriptions and web site, seems to be sound, but I haven't viewed any of his products or attended any of his seminars. If anyone has and would care to comment, I would appreciate it.

I've trained with Hock in the past and would train with him again. His stuff is basic and straight forward, but it is practical and he has a lot of good insite into the psychological/philisophical side of street fights. I think it is a good compliment for people who tend to spend a lot of time training "sport fighting", but still believe that martial arts is for self defense over all.

I really like his knife stuff, and I would especially recommend Hock to military/law enforcement people who seems to be his target niche more than anybody else. People who just want to compete in grappling, mma or whatever probably should spend their time elsewhere.