Scissor sweep pass

When your opponent is attempting to scissor sweep you from his guard, you can overhook his thigh and with the same arm, cup his other knee.

Then you're supposed to sprawl your legs back. At this point, I don't really know what to do next and often don't pass.

Any tips? Should I try grabbing his head before I get completely past his legs?

Stay sprawled hard on him and walk around his legs towards the direction he is facing. Usually, you always want to go towards his back, but it doesn't work as well from this pass. Just be sure to block out his hip with your arm or knee as you come around so he doesn't replace guard. As soon as you can, you can either look to overhook or underhook (crossface) his head to lock down the uppper body.

Well one thing I do is that i just wait until they see they can't sweep me and in the moment they want to return to full guard I take double underhooks on legs or a single leg on shoulder and start passing from there.

Considering passing straight from there yes about the basic pass I guess JRockwell said it all...

Reaching too much with my arm that's NOT grabbing both his legs has sometimes got me kimura-ed. Any tips for preventing that as well? Oh well, I try JRockwell's idea out and see how it goes.

He's going to try to hook your leg with his bottom leg(the one that isn't across your stomach), to try to get half guard, so you should always pin that leg down with your shin.

JP, I was thinking about you as I did this pass at lunch today. Doesn't that give you warm fuzzies down inside? ;)

As Andrew said, as you smash down on his legs and pass around that bottom leg is the one you have to worry about.

As far as your top arm being kimura'ed when you reach for his head, good point. If you are lazy with that arm, you will get caught a lot. Therefore, make sure you DIVE that arm behind his head when you go to lock down his upper body. If you move it up towards his head casually, he’s got lots of time to lock up your arm. Take your time, execute your pass with good pressure and control – then dive your arm up to control his upper body when you’re ready.

If he does catch you in the kimura, you have several options:

  1. Back up and kill it – turn your elbow down towards the floor and bring your wrist up towards your sternum. Use your bodyweight to lift your arm up and strip his hands off. This works well early on, but you have to stop your pass to execute it.

  2. Drive forward and kill it – if your left arm is caught, drive your weight forward, straighten your arm a bit, and insert your knee into his figure 4 frame. Extend your hip and break his frame, then continue forward and complete your pass. Sometimes they will try to shrimp away from you to restablish the lock - you have to "chase" his frame with your knee and pin it down if that happens.

  3. Step over his head, spin and take the straight arm bar. I am not an expert at this move, and I generally only try it when I don’t feel I’m in true danger from the kimura. You look really cool when you pull it off, though. Matt Hughes just did it vs. George St. Pierre in the last UFC, and he definitely looked like a pimp.

no can defend!

I've actually been working on another pass from the scissor sweep. i'm going to get pictures hopefully tomorow but here is a run down if you can follow.

As he performs the sweep. I hope my leg that is being swept by his bottom leg over top of the sweep. At the same time i throw my other leg behind me. Now i'm sitting in reverse kasa katme (sp?) and have two options

A. You can take your bottom leg and put it between his legs. Triangle your legs over the top of his top leg, Roll over him into the twister.

B. Take your top hand drop it straight into the mat and come up to your knees to complete your pass.

Hope i get pics for those you don't follow.

Later, Brad

As he goes for the scissor sweep, I like to slide my Right knee between
his legs, fall to the Right side and trap the leg that is across my hips
(his right foot), go for an ankle lock or heel hook...Why pass it when
you can submit!