Score Keeping Stuck In the 70's

Why is it that the commissions are not evolving? We have judges that are in arenas full of technology, smart phones, and systems like compustrike can digitally track where the blows landed, the amount of power shots etc. while the judges sit with a pencil trying to mark what they see and what they thought they saw. You only have to spend a few post fight Sunday's on the UG to see how many people see things differently. Yet the system expects MMA athletes to sacrifice mind and body, spend a considerable amount of money and have their chosen career left to circa 1970's approach. I have personally had a fighter deemed the looser of a fight because math is hard and adding up all the scores can lead to mistakes.

What about all of the Ben Henderson Edgar fights? What if each athlete clearly knew where they stood going into each round. The corners knew who was ahead on the cards in the real time. This alone would change the dynamic os the sport. Those that are behind will risk it all to close that gap.

Rob Dyrdyck (sp) created the scoring system and that changed skateboarding. The riders know while riding how they are being scored, they crowd is involved and in the know. We instituted something like this for The SFL in India but the sport is too young in India for the scoring to matter.

I think adding pencil mark that needs to be counted require you making sure you are marking the right column and box and that split second could mean you will miss the next score. There has to be a better way.

Agree 100%!!

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