Scott, what diet do you follow?

Victor, your diet depends on many personal factors. While a few general guidelines (such as eating raw/non-proccessed food) can be gleaned from Scott's or another's diet, you must invest the time into finding your own. This depends on your level of personal activity, where your family is from ancestraly (for example, mine spent thousands of years in the middle east and I can eat pita bread with fewer conseuqences than european bread), the way your body is designed (tolerances of all the different acitivites during digestion) and so forth. I'm going to give you some suggestions for a beginner diet but you have to explore in your own way.

First, cut out refined sugar and cafine. Then cut out all refined grain. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and meat, fish, eggs. If you want to add milk, be careful, not all people are designed to proccess it fully, chesse or yogurt may be better. For the first 2-3 weeks only drink water. This should reset your digestive system and the various other functions it works with. From there you can experiment with how much and what to eat.


Hello Scott. I´m wondering what diet you follow. Or maby you don´t follow a specific diet? What do you think about the Zone diet?

Do you eat your eggs and meat raw also(ala Inuits)? In a recent interview in Muscle Media Pavel said he was "caught" eating raw bacon. Just wondering.


What are your thoughts on the warrior diet...check it out on to search and type in ...warrior diet...???

Thanks for the answers, martial_shadow I will check out the sites.
Scott, is the "Four Season Diet of Natural Impulses" a diet you have constructed yourself or can I get any info about it from any webbsites or something. Any other tips if I want a good diet?
Thanks Scott!

Scott, I'd like your opinon one something. When we used to hunt, we would eat or save to eat later everything we could carry back to camp from an animal. This probably included various organs. I'm wondering what you think about eating organs, raw or cooked, and which ones?


This is from an article on anthropological work on ancient eating habits:

Work is not complete on this, but some broad facts are emerging. First and foremost is that humans, and pre-humans, have eaten meat continuously for 2 to 3 million years. Meat has, for the most part, been the largest single component of the human diet. Our ancestors were likely more interested in animals' organs - tongue, heart, liver, kidney - than the flesh, the former having greater micronutrients and "good" fats.

The full articel can be found at:

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Thanks Scott, I will.

Thank you very much for the answer Scott. Do you have any suggestions about what to eat? I know you said it different from intividual to individual but maby some general guidelines.