Sean Sullivan mystery

Sean was working in Iraq for one of the contractors. He phoned me several times saying that he would be leaving Iraq soon and was flying into LA to visit me and a friend. I was out of town when he arrived, but he met up with our mutual friend and they spent a couple of days together hanging out.

Sean was supposed to meet with an agent, then later with someone about renting a room. After his meeting with the agent, he called the guy he was going to rent the room from and said he would be a bit late because he had gotten a job. That was the last any of us heard from him.

He was supposed to fly out on Sunday. He hasnt called any of us, and I do not have any way to get a hold of him. If you have seen him or know a number I can reach him or his family at, please email me at



I used to have his email and phone number but I lost it. from what I could tell he loses touch very easially.




Hey! Sean is alive and well. I was in LA and after the agent had me meet him I got a call from my Contractors in KUWAIT to head back immediately. I am in GA now saying goodbye to my mother before I head back tommorrow.


dude. email me.

glad you are ok.