Seasons greetings Canada

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday. To all the gang at Ronin MMA ( you guys rock Mark, Jamie and Ben, you are all great teachers and I know 2004 will be a great your for your team),Arlen, JHR, mental, Jon Kellett, the Showdown crew, the boob grabber, the Joslins, Randy, ShowdownJoe, Shawn and Team Thompkins,Mike Mcneil,Sushi boy and all that make Canadian MMA better.
I hope 2004 will be a smooth one and Canadian MMA will continue to get stronger.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas bro..

If you can`t be good, be bad !!!!

Merry Christmas Jamie :)

You have me mentioned twice... JHR and "the boob grabber"

er, unless you mean someone else... ;)

LOL.... the boob grabber knows who he is

Merry Christmas Jamie.

To: Jamie with Love From: Some of the gang at RoninMerry Christmas

and no arms?

*right click save_as c:/my documents/my pictures/future romoshop pics/forrest gump.jpg

You guys are cruel...Loft, spank them for me, sign your name and send me the pic...:)

All the best...I want to come to Ottawa, line myself up at Ronin and have you guys kick the crap out of me...or just roll for fun, whatever.

You guys have a great thing out there so keep it going, stay tight and start spitting out some champs...:)

I knew JHR would be saving that pic....