Secret of GSP's background


Agreed in MMA at 170 GSP is the best wrestler; he dominated KOS in every aspect of the game tonight which I predicted except the wrestling part I thought going in KOS would have the advantage in wrestling only.. GSP is back!!

"KOS just wasn't going to be that effective from his back"

Well, we've seen on many occasions that real good wrestlers can escape from the bottom very quickly. They are so hard to keep down. How many times have you seen a good wrestler get taken down, only to be right back on his feet. You could see that GSP had his hands full maintaining top position, but he did it for a large amount of the fight with his superb technique and base.

I am glad you mentioned that Skillrules. One of the technical aspects of the game that is very rarely talked about is the ability and skills needed to keep a fighter on the floor. Good observation.

True about GSP getting to a high level in wrestling by training with better wrestlers then Koscheck.

True about Montreal being the place to party in ways that are illegal in the US.

I have inside info on both counts.

after seeing how easily GSP handled Trigg, I never doubted his ability to take anyone at 170 down and keep him there. After seeing his Serra fight, I was doubting his mental focus though...


I think the fight was over before it even started. Kos looked nervous in my eyes, specially after seeing GSP walk into the ring so full of intensity. And of course, Kos is so pumped about his wrestling abilities that he wouldn't think in a long time that GSP would try something like that. But once again, it was GSP/Sherk all over again. Flawless set ups, and just pure strength and athleticism. I think it was round 2 or 3, Kos goes down, tries to scramble out, and GSP just powered him to continue to dominate. In short......He's BBAAACCCCKKKKKKK hahaha

Dammit, why the hell couldnt I have seen this fight. Sound slike it was exciting for all three rounds.