Security To Be Added For Scalegate

It’s absolutely fucking ridiculous that they didn’t (IF they didn’t) for the current fight. The guy WAS the champ, he never lost the belt, he never missed weight except to prop up the UFC/AC’s corrupt incest relationship. Number one bullshit. I’m fine with the UFC and AC fucking around but that leeway stops the second a guy like Charles Oliviera takes a pay cut to prop it up.


There’s a part of me that is starting to admit 99% of the stuff we see in society is just a facade.

On that note: I want someone to tell me that this was all just a ploy by Charles and the UFC to penetrate American mainstream media who are otherwise resistant/uninterested in foreign, non-english speaking fighters.

I’m so rattled.

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He got his full pay for the Justin fight.


For ufc fight night they are using digital

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They gave him PPV Points for Gaethje


Did Gaethje get ppv points?

Rare that challengers do unless they put butts in seats. I believe he did get a significant pay bump before or after beating Tony.

I saw a article that both Charles and geathje got ppv points .

Yeah, he did get a new deal around the time of the interim title. Ali is a pretty damn good manager so makes sense.

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Why do you need a manager?

Poltics of the game. Ali is in good with the UFC and it also allows negotiations to never get personal between fighter/athletes/company or team.

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So the tough fighters don’t get their feelings hurt by the big bad ufc. Lol.

More speaking in general terms for pro athletes. It’s usually good to have some form of separation in negotiations.

As of the last 3 to 5 years NFL players have completely screwed their contracts up by negotiating for themselves. Lamar Jackson is currently doing it with the Ravens.