Self defense Slingshot. Thoughts?

YouTube Slingshot self Defense & other YouTube videos by JoegSprave

He lives in Germany and can not carry a gun so he's made himself proficient with a Slingshot.

Can I get a fellow Blue namer to embed a couple videos please?

Good stuff for aspiring DS prospects...... IMO

umm? you are a bluenamer.

there are compelling reasons why the japanese and germans got along so well.

btw, i think he's trying to imply human skull by using the coconut.

i'm sold

LMAO @ "they are very hard, I don't know if I can penetrate them" and "my fingers don't have to do the hard work gripping the balls in the pouch"

You'll put your eye out...bluey please?



I wouldn't be surprised if that broke her nose. That came back hard.

i stared at that gif for 5 mins straight and it was worth every second!

No video posting from my phone :-(

Thought I'd share this in case guys wanted to stock up onWeapons for the Chuukapacalypse.

Silent, inexpensive and powerful hand held weapon.


but a machete is just so much more romantic.

good for one shot. too slow for the reload? or will microzombie be the slow type?

No appologies needed. spread the gospel my friend!

 I have shot slingshot since I was very young and really thing they are limited in range and stopping power.  This vid is from ast year.


I've evolved since I've posted this.

And by evolved I mean I watched both seasons of The Walking Dead Phone Post

That is about as good as saying you are a lawyer now by watching Law and Order. 

Lawyer?no. Detective? Yes! Phone Post

Lawyer? No.
Detective? YES! Phone Post

JIMMYNAKS - Lawyer? No.<br>Detective? YES! <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>