sell DVD on ebay??

I have at least 500 DVD at home : movies, MMA, etc...

how much do you think I can sell them on ebay? is it better top sell them one by one or to do a package?


OG please....My mistake

can a mods put this thread on the OG please?

Got a list of titles?

"Got a list of titles?"

good idea..I am gonna do one...But I was just trying to get advices from the OG. I am gonna sell them in France I think. Shipping to the USA is probably gonna be quite expensives....

You'll make more money selling them as singles, but it is a hassle. Maybe break them into groups (like all the die hard movies) to make it easier.

sell them to a used dvd dealer. get it over with.

"The code on the DVD is region specific....meaning if they are coded for Europe they won't play on American dvd players. "


Ebay fees and competition will make selling them as singles horrible.

IMO, I found selling in Bulk of 10 the most profitable. I usually list them at 24.99, and charge 18.99 for priority shipping, which is 2 dollars less it would cost if shipped that way to Cali (You usually break even.) You should set them up with movies by genre, or have like a cult classic set, Tarrantino set, etc. People love that, and with Christmas coming around, lots of people are buying.

Just a tip: Take good pictures, make sure you list them as your own and not duplicates or pirated. Check into Auctiva so you could host more then 1 picture for free.

thanks for the advices