Seminar in Simpsonville, SC this weekend

Ica Medina, a third degree blackbelt under Rigan Machado, will be passing through the upstate this weekend and he has agreed to hold a seminar at our school.  The seminar will be this Sunday, October 20 from 3-5.  The seminar will focus on no-gi BJJ and MMA applications, and will cost only $20 (pay at the door).  The seminar is open to practitioners from all schools/associations. 

I realize that this is very short notice, but this just came together tonight and I know that there are some posters on this forum who live in the area. 

If you are interested in attending or want more information, message me and I will be happy to provide directions etc.

Bump for any last minute sign-ups. Already have one forum member coming Phone Post 3.0


Hope the seminar goes well, I am going to be at the kickboxing tournament in Dillon until mid-afternoon tomorrow so I am not going to make the seminar this time. A good number of my training partners will be there, hopefully taking good notes Phone Post 3.0