Send well wishes to Michael Clarke Duncan here...

 As posted on the UG earlier,  Actor Michael Clarke Duncan who is a big MMA and UFC Fan, and huge supporter of the sport, suffered a heart attack and was taken to the hospital after going into cardiac arrest.

Maybe we can send the thread link to his reps so they can pass it along.  I'll also forward along links to the other threads as well.  


 Get well MCD!  The MMA community is pulling for you!

damn, my thoughts are with him and his family and friends.

Get well big fella, and all the best on a speedy recovery.

Hope someone has that "Green Mile" power and make him well...

Get well soon, big guy. Phone Post

Get well soon, big guy...

Hope to see you up  and about soon bud. You have been a great ambassador for our sport and an incredible actor.


My family has you in our hearts and hoping for a great recovery.



Get well!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and good health. The Green Mile was one of my favorite movies.

Get well soon to one of my favorite actors of all time.

Positive and healing thoughts sent to you from myself and my family.

Crooklyn - 1.  Hope you get well soon.

2.  I love The Finder. Leo is a GREAT character.

3.  Thanks for lending your fame to our sport. I wish more big time celebrities could give MMA a boost like that. 

*Thanks Raheem*

Exactly this Phone Post

Get well big man, you'll be back to kicking ass soon enough! Phone Post

 In for a speedy recovery and back cageside soon!

Hoping for a speedy recovery

ttt Phone Post

Best wishes to one of the first mainstream celebrities to embrace MMA.  He used to be at damn near every PPV and also did some voiceover work for Zuffa in the early years.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Eddy Payeur - Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Bump! Phone Post

 get well big guy..

Hope you have a speedy recovery dude! Phone Post