Sending Shut Up and Fight $20

I'm not trying to sound self righteous or treat Shut Up and Fight like a charity case but I gotta do this.

I got to know Jason Darrah a little bit over the past couple months and this guy has a genuine passion for the sport and is obviously prepared to take MMA to the next level in Canada.

I know that $20 is not even a drop in the bucket for what you have lost but it's all I have right now. I'm not saying what others should do but if two of three hundred Canadian fight fans invested $20 to get you through to the next show it would be an investment for their entertainment future. A dollar well spent.

This is not charity, rather consider this my payment for a ticket for your next show except that I won't be able to attend because its a 21 hour drive.

Also I'm a 145 pounder and even though I thought I was retired I will fight on your next show for free. Send me a peppercorn and we'll call it a contract.

I am very serious about this so please put an address where I can send a cheque. I've got alot of kids who I want to become fans of MMA so this needs to happen. Besides I think I just freed up $20 now that the UCC DVD is off the Christmas list.


Mailing address please Mr. Dickens

Fantastic idea...since we can't do anything at the moment about the government's decision, this is at least a way we can contribute.


AGREED! 100%.....

See you if you need to.

Thanks WhatsBJJ...

This day has been a long time coming hasn't it? ;)

...the truth has finally started to come out.

Yes Frostycoles does have a lot of kids. Great idea man. You're a classy guy even when leglocking roadkill in the snow on the side of the highway.


LOL.....a truer sentence was never spoken my friend....

You guys try to get some sleep tonight....we've got MUCH to discuss tomorrow....

Have the boy email and let me know what time he wants me there....*although i'm POSITIVE he's over your shoulder, unless he's decided to give his eyes a rest for the night*


"All I have to say is WHO would be willing to send money to Patry if his show was cancelled"

.............. .......zzzzzzz......zzzz................................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......*crickets chirp..

I'll let him know...

Later :)

Why not go ahead and sell any merchandise that SUAF was going to sell? List here what you have, t-shirts, belts, whatever and see if people will buy them. That will help ease the cash loss. this point, Patry would have to send US money to go to his shows...


for your question how did ppl find out how it wasnt santionned well thats an easy question MFC - 2 in F.mac alb that card wasnt sanctioned (back then we didnt know we had to be) after selling 2600 tickets in advance we had to give those ppl there money back and we ate the money for the production and all too and that was shut down by some old couple or overprotective parents who saw a flyer called in the city and said"eh whats this fighting about thats coming to town is this legal" thats how it probably got shut down. somebody that didnt like the looks of the event and called the city i can assure you my dad did not do this his mind is not even in mixed martial arts right now plus i'm always with him so i would of heard conversations like that and he did not call in the city why would he when our main fighter Jason MacDonald would of had a great opurtunity. before everyone jumps on ppl backs we should first look at the facts .

its funny how you always bring me up do u have a crush on me man leave me alone i'm not bugging nobody man and i dont swing that way its weird how you know my name but you never tell n e body urs ??? why is that viewtype .

Thank you Dave Pavelich

ufc4life99...I can guarantee you, you wouldn't need to pay JT for that...he'd do that for free... ;)

My name is Barb Taylor, I am the Shut-Up and Fight secretary. Leslie Dickens has asked me not to post but I feel obliged to do so. I think what you fans are doing is amazing and I'm sure he thanks you very much. This is more support than the Shut-Up and Fight crew (yes all of us) could ever imagine having. I decided to put this post on in case all of you people were serious, I hope you all stand by us in the wait for our premier event that I promise will be coming soon.\

What's the address to send the $20 to? And Leslie and Jason, provide your shirt sizes as well. Seems I have some shirts here for you...:)

If you need help selling any merchandise, let me know, we'll figure out a way to put it up on the Showdown site.

Sorry, It is Barb yet again. If you all want to show support, I am sure a phone call would also be greatly appreciated. 1-888-5FIGHTS

AWESOME...thanks Barb.....

Do you take cash? LOL!

Thanks alot for the address.

Maybe SUAF can still have the event, but fighters who are there can sign autographs and stuff. Maybe people can buy private lessons in the ring and others can watch their class. Put up some old fights from another org that will allow it on a big screens. Sell beer anyway. Make it a rubbing elbows thing. Is any of this still possible to do?