Senegalian Vale Tudo

We had a Senegalian former savate champion train with us last night, and he brought a video of "senegalian lutte", or senegalian free-fighting.

It was basically dirty sumo. They fought on mud (much like Indian wrestlers), had sumo-type fight gear, and they tried to outstrike each other or pick each other up and throw to the ground. Some interesting things I noticed:

- no kicking occurred. Not sure if this was because of rules, or because of the mud.

- Their punching structure was a bit closer to the muay thai punching structure: arms out wide, elbows up real high. LOTS of winging punches and slaps; very few straight punches.

I'm gonna watch the rest of the tape sometime this week.

I am pissed I haven't been around to met this guy. Really want to see the tape.

Hey sf2:

Really cool dude. His pace/timing is a lot like shrew's. I'm surprised he threw a couple of old school manchete's while he and I were doing assaut. Tapped me with a fouette figure. I'm not surprised that he was a savate champion.

I have seen Senegalese wrestling. Great sprawl techniques with bare-fisted punching. One day I will go see it over there. Aloha!