Senki Gis - Are they good

Senki Gis - Are they good

Anyone has them,how are they compared to Atama?



I love the one I have. I'm about to order another. I'm not a big fan
of Atama because of the seem running down the middle of the

Senki gi's are good for the money and seem to last a lot longer
than i had expected. I ordered my first one due to price and the
fact I'd never seen one in person. At first I thought it was a little
thin and that it wouldn't hold up long. Much to my surprise it is
my favorite gi. Easy to move in, lightweight, and fits well.

Other gi's I have or have had are Gameness, padillia & sons,
Mizuno, Krugans, Atama. I used to think that i wanted a gi w/ a
thick color to help avoid being choked. I've figured out that it's
your game rather than the thickness of a color that can help you
w/ this.

This gi is nothing fancy but a favorite of mine.

do you have the single or goldweave Senki?