sensei thrashing kids at judo

So today as I'm enjoying a cold ice tea waiting to pick up my son from judo, I hear a ruckus coming from inside the dojo. I go to see what's going on and all I hear is "I'm gonna do to you what my uncle did to me" followed by "it'll be our little secret". I ran in there and grabbed my 7 year old and got the hell out of there. I was so pissed off and if it wasn't for my bad back and bruised pancreas I wouldve given the sensei best fight in world. I did the next best thing and called the head instructor and told him what was going on.

knew this was coming goddamnit!


Heard about that guy on some other Judo forums. Yup, he's bad news. I'd take my kid out immediately and enroll them in the nearest RexKwonDo.

Bwa ha ha ha

Thats the problem with Old school Senseis like that. They can't change with the times.

TTT for pussified kids!

making it easier for kids like my son to defend himself. Ha!