seoinage for tall guys?

ok im getting back into judo and ive missed it alot. I have always loved seoinage and all its forms. ive always sucked at it and i want to get good at it. its never been part of my arsenal. I am 6'3. i know its not the most practical throw but hell i figure if i train it enough i can make it work for me. any other tall guys have success with it?

Uchi-mata Phone Post 3.0

That's a given. Phone Post 3.0

It will be very hard for you to gain lower hip leverage with your height. If you're adamant about it, you'll probably need to become very proficicient at drop seionage. Be careful with your knees.

I mentioned this in another recent Judo thread on this topic.

Check out the leg position in pic #4 (good for tall guys):

Using the lapel grip as the drawing hand creates a great seionage. I'm 6'3" also, and can hit it on guys shorter than me. Usually by surprise.

Here is me hitting one on a guy a few inches shorter. From the lapel grip. Phone Post 3.0

I'm not trying to sound like a smartass, but what about a drop seionage? Since you are taller and it's not working for you, adjust the technique for your benefit. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the info guys. Drop seoinage is cool with me too. Phone Post 3.0

Drop seoi nagi is your best bet. I have a few taller students and this has been a great take down for them. Just get good at your footwork and the drop. You'll be good from there. Phone Post 3.0

drop seoi is fine for tall or short. Standing seoi is much more satisfying tho and very had for taller people. I'd go for uchimata it is the ultimate tall guy throw

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Came to say drop seoi as a 6ft + person my self its great. Im a fan of uchimata and harai goshi as well....

Did anyone mentiom tai otoshi yet? You can do that with an ippon seoi grip as well. Phone Post 3.0

Watch Teddy Riner for the best tall guy throws. Uchimata, Harai Goshi and Osoto Gari seem to his favorites. He uses the inside trip throw too. Not sure the name of that one.

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For a tall guy your best throw should be uchimata or osoto gari with a ourchi gari setup. Watch video of Takahashi for uchimata and Teddy Riner for Osoto. If you want to learn a standing version of seionage watch Travis Stevens who has the best standing seionage from a left hand collar grip I have seen. His #1 go to throw. Pay attention to how he uses his right hand to grab the opponents wrist and pushes down before he attempts the throw, This detail was pointed out to us at a clinic.

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