Sergei is for real


Those body blows were fucking sick! That Judo throw was sweet!

I thought this guy would get tooled by Ninja. Instead he showed that he can keep coming back (as he was rocked a little by a few punches) and light people up when he needs to!

Fuck yeah. Now that Crocop is out, I'm rooting for him.

Adam from Conn, Silesian Express

damn right he is for real.

Why wouldn't you think this guy was for real? Do a little homework on these fighters before jumping to conclusions. He is part of Russian Top Team. He used to train with Fedor. He had the size and weight advantage against Ninja. What indication to you get that this guy wouldn't be for real?

Nathan, shut the fuck up and get off my thread you little bitch.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar


He's Slavic, man. Most of us are like that.

Adam from Conn, Silesian Express

nathan is 100% right, as he usually is.

I think you could doubt him if you look at his record none of his opponent are a real name so it was quite suprising to me that he got a spot. But he proved he can go far in this tournament.

I don't see him doing well against anybody left except Giant and Ogawa. He will be competetive with Randleman and that one is too close to call.

Kinda agree with nathan. But I think while Sergei is getting all this credit for his sick strikes he should be getting some criticism for his crappy defense. Ninja's strikes were slow, sloppy, and reaching on every one of them. Yet he still landed quite a few on Sergei, that was the negative that I noticed for Sergei, and someone else will do a much better job of exploiting it than Ninja did.

I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but Sergei, in his post-fight interview, stated clearly that he is a grappler first and foremost and does not train much in striking. If fact, he said his striking experience mostly involves watching other fighters do it on tv, and it just turned out that when he tried to strike in this fight, it worked out well for him.

That certainly doesn't take away from his excellent performance, but it may well be that someone will exploit this weakness. Should be exciting to see him in the next round. How about vs Heath?

Is this the Sergei band wagon? I have been looking all over for it, can I get on?


Thanks Jon.

Agreed here-all I had seen of him was that lame fight against the LA Giant, but he was certainly impressive last night.

I agree with Floppy. I actually thought Sergei would get knocked out since he had NO DEFENSE. Hands down, ate a lot of punches. That won't cut it against people heavier or same weight as him. If he starts defending, he could go far. Otherwise, he'll get KO'ed.

Sergei is 23.

His strikes, for someone who doesn't really train them, were excellent. He got better as the fight went on, he got more confident in his skills, and realized that Ninja didn't have the power to KO him.

His takedowns and control standing are great, Ninja hit his best combo of the match, 3 hard strikes that shook Sergei up, and when Ninja clinched and tried to take him down, he could barely budge Sergei. Sergei then launched him throw the air that beautiful throw.

(You do realize I was kidding, right Nathan?)

Adam from Conn, Silesian Express

Yes. I don't take the internet too serious but thanks for clarifying. LOL.

Hunter, you are slavic as well? I thought you were from Turkey.

I am very interested to see who Pride matches him up with in the next round. Unless it's against Fedor, I'll be pulling for him.