Sergei Kharitonov trains for his K1 fight on May 3

His opponent's name is Anderson Silva! This is the last fight under Sergei's Glory contract and he said he would consider UFC after it.

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He drops his hand when he's going to dig, always moves to the side, doesn't drop back behind his shoulder at any angles to move his head back. He has a tendency to leave himself open with his head straight up when he comes across as well. He should spend more time blocking punches and countering and coming in and then out at an angle so his head isn't so predictable. He bulls in without jabbing as well and his head is always in the same stationary position. Some of the old guys, like Sugar Ray and Hearns and Frazier, if you watch their pawing they have an efficient defense by pawing way punches but using head movement for leverage on punches. They keep busy and blend their defense into their offense so a defensive move is already translating into a counter by momentum and how they adjust in a single motion. When you stay upright and train that way, it turns into a habit in the ring because it's an easy way to conserve energy. When fighters don't use more efficient movement in their defense it slows their offense down because they're essentially re-setting each time they unload and it's more predictable and wasteful. An economy of motion is lost if you're not allowing motion into all angles when defensively moving away or around punches, because you're instead staying upright and square. When a guy gets tired and needs to square up to throw, he becomes a head hunter and can get discouraged easily because he's not testing those openings to counter that only happen when you're defensive motion is automatically setting up offensive position naturally. That's just my two cents. Someone with a quick jab and fluid right hand like Hendricks would kill this guy if this is the extent of his defensive skills.