Serious Question

What is the difference between grappling a right hander vs left? I don't think I've ever rolled with a lefty. Is there such a thing as a southpaw in BJJ? Is it harder to defend against someone who attacks your left side. If you are left handed do you find it easier to hit sweeps and subs because people don't expect you to go in that direction?

I read Roger Gracie say in an interview that he specifically attacks armlock on the left side, as most right-handers are not as proficient at defending it.  I definitely think there is something to it.

don't know statistics, but most people are right handed and I would think someone as accomplished as Roger could feel the difference by the way his opponent moved

regardless of the specific opponent, most training partners are right handed, so most people learn to defend attacks to the right arm.  Attacking the left is unconventional for everyone that way.  I've also heard the same thing about passing the guard to the right.  Almost everyone passes to the left. 


lol, I doubt it, I think he's probably just going on the general idea that 80-90% of the population is right handed.

If you click on this link and scroll down a bit, you'll see one example of Roger emphasizing attacking on the left:

If you are a righty that grapples with a left footed stance (left foot forward), it is a huge advantage in making a transition to MMA. Think about it, most people are righty and taught to wrestle with a right footed lead, so naturally most of their offensive shots are done with thier right leg forward. This is a complete contradiction to a right handed boxers stance where yuou need to have your left foot forward.

If you are taught at a young age to shoot all of your shots with a left foot lead, then it compliments a right handed boxing stance nicely. Also most non elite level wrestlers arenot used to being attaked from the other side. Ironically, I am a righty wh wrestles lefty and my brother is a lefty that wrestles righty. Go figure