Serious sh-t that happened next door

First of all, let me say that I live in a decent area. Not known for crime or whatnot. It's right by the subway, which is convenient, but I guess makes it easy for random people to come by maybe.

Anyway, the other day my girlfriend, who works from home, was hearing commotion and banging next door. Weird noises. Then someone comes with a hammer or something trying to smash the door open. When she goes out later, she finds a lot of blood around the front of the building.

The story ends up that two men were fighting in there. One gets beat the fuck up and STABBED (in the belly I think). The stabber leaves and somehow LOCKS the apartment so other dude can't get out. Stabbed dude calls friend to get him out (did NOT call the cops for whatever reason), who came by with the hammer. Friend has no luck openning dor and neither does locksmith.

Stabbed dude is desparate and apparently climbed out the window and climbed down EIGHT stories somehow. Explaining all the blood everywhere. Friend drives him to the hospital.
(by the way, can you imagine a bloody, battered dude playing Spiderman outside your window one afternoon?)

Must've been some shady shit going on there the whole time.

 Did he try using BJJ?

Then WFA.

he used Eddie Bravo's WFA Twister Phone Post

That wasn't that crazy... Let me tell you about some shit that happened in the wrong forum asshole. Phone Post

Pics of gf or GTFO. Phone Post



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