SERIOUS training in Iraq!

Ok, the time has come. I will be in Iraq tomorrow. I will be in camp victory for 1 week, then shipped out to I dont know where. But I want to find some buddies to train or roll with. I will be at an Army camp, I do know that. Im a civilian fire fighter with Wackenhut Services, (WSI). Keep me posted fellas

Pay attention bro and God Bless!

Come home safe

dawley - 1st you'll be in my thoughts and prayers to stay safe.  next, email me at and I'll put you in touch with one of our old students with the 5th SF group with his email and maybe you can hook up with him.  he's been doing mma for about 8 years now, think he's going to be in Iraq for another several months then off to somewhere in Africa.

later, ma

Many guys trained there back in 02 and 04 when I was there, im still looking for some people to roll with here in Afghanistan. good luck , john

Thanks for all the posts. I find out tomorrow where Im going for sure, and then Ill have my email and APO mailing address. I will post it ASAP. But I want to say, that I am more than willing to take anything someone wants to send....but if you can, send it to the troops. they are the ones who really deserves it. Im a civilian, and i dont get shot at, AND i make $105K a year. These soldiers dont make anything, I know because i've been there before.

alright, time to TTT this. Please keep it up if you guys can.

I will be at Al Asad Air Base. I believe its a Marine base. But hopefully someone will be there for me to possibly roll with.

Thank you all for your help.

Hit me up if you'll be at LSA Adder-Tallil...we've got about 15 people who roll down here.

I was in Iraq with Wackenhut about 3 years ago when they sent the 1st ten to evaluate. The project is way bigger than they thought it would be. The military has some really good gyms considering the conditions. Plenty of weights and cario. I don't know about being able to roll or anything. Your not gonna have a lot of time to train with the Army. I don't know what you've heard from Estilow and Fraser but it is very dangerous. Keep your ears open and do what you are told. Stay safe bro. Good luck. Your in for a shit pile of money. Kinda wish the guys who actually did the fighting could make half of what your gonna make. And what I made.

Dawley... Currently at Balad, but only for a couple more weeks, then back to the states... If you make it over here we have a good group of guys training hard three times a week at the East Side Fitness center... Sun/Tues/Thurs @ 2100....

Al Asaad does have a some training going on. The Marines have a room called the "Tap or Snap" room.. Located at Camp Hog (spelling).. Good luck brother and god bless.....


TTT! Awsome. Thanks JHG. I know I may not have alot of time for rolling....if i could just get one day a week in, it would be great.

Cajun.....its shy im here, for the money. It has become a HUGE project too. But most the management guys over here are kinda assholes....but oh well, its worth it. And it has gotten crazy since they hung saddam.


wackenhut usually has some good people. and really shitty bosses and management. i actually hate the company (they're sleazy), but i usually look out for their guys on dangerous posts on the street (they handle a lot federal grants for protecting housing projects).

To anyone who cares, my address is:

Matthew Dawley
WSI Fire Dept
APO AE 09333

Please guys....NO PORN, ALCOHOL, OR CANDY!!! Candy I dont like, and porn and alcohol will get me FIRED. So any training stuff youre willing to donate and send, I would appreciate alot and love to have. I will be at Al Asad in a day or two. I hope to grapple with those Marine guys some. Happy new years everyone and take care.


I was in Iraq in 03 and 05 and they actually had Judo classes at FOB diamondback while i was there at the MWR(in 05). Pretty good instructor, he provided Gi tops and we wore PT shorts instead of the pants. Diamondback is up by Mosul if you ever get up in Northern Iraq. Good luck brother, the boredom can be worse than knowing you could get blown up. Post your APO and i'm sure the underground would send some dvd's or something



ttt -


Ive arrived at Al Asad now. If any of you Marines see this, give me the low down on camp hog.