Seriously though Bob Sapp

Is getting knocked the fuck out by Gary Turner imo

That could just be.

Turner has some dangerous hands and feet...Plus solid JJ and Judo to go with it...Plus Bob doesn't exactly look to be in the best of shape. Hard to say, but you could be right.

As a side note: I met the smiler once at Sport Jiu Jitsu World Championships in Vancouver back in 98 or 99?...The guy is a SUPER nice guy, just walks around with a constant smile on his face, Funny as hell, well spoken and polite...Just a great guy...I hope he wipes the matt with Sapp. He deserves a big win.

Turner is a dangerous guy, but Sapp took out Hoost.. If Gary can survive the initial Bob Sapp charge, keep his distance and chop him down - once Sapp loses his confidence he will fall.

Sapp is going to hurt him

Correction: Sapp and the ref took out Hoost.

Don't get me wrong, it would take me, the ref, all the judges and the ring card girls to even last in there with Hoost. That being said, Sapp was getting away with murder in there.

"Correction: Sapp and the ref took out Hoost."

thats was the 2nd fight

Bob Sapp is will MURDER him...

Bob Sapp by Bomb drop in the 1st.

I've only seen Turner in K-1 action. He constantly put his opponent (Bjorn Bregy I think) on the canvas with trips and leg sweeps.

Sapp is so fucking massive though with some underrated skills of his own. I hope to see a Smiler win but I'm doubtful at the moment.

ttt for cage rage and

Hopefully Smiler is going to win this one

James McSweeney is fighting Michael McDonald in a K-1 rules bout on the cage rage card. I obviously know McDonald but know nothing of McSweeney.

Has he a chance against the aging but still fucking good McDonald?


Bob Sapp is gonna hole many a jap tramp.