Serra and Hughes coaching TUF

PLEASE tell me this doesn't mean their fight won't happen until the season finale...that would mean no title fights in that division for what, another six months? GSP, Koscheck, Fitch, etc all on hold for that long? The whole division -- the best in the UFC -- put on standby?

AWFUL idea if that's the case.


They wouldn't even be on hold for six months, but longer -- if Hughes/Serra happens in October or some bullshit, that means no one else gets a shot until what, Superbowl weekend? COME ON.

sounds good to me

CBC Sports:

"With the series slated to debut in the fall, that means the Serra-Hughes title fight won't be for a while."

BULLSHIT. What a fantastic idea -- now you can either put all your welterweights on the shelf for six months, or pit them against each other to make sure every one of them has a chance to be derailed, thus de-valuing whichever guy finally gets a title shot in February 2008.

It's staggering that with what -- 20+ events in 2007? -- the welterweight title will apparently only be on the line TWICE.

December or superbowl weekend.