Serra ditches on TAPOUT

Haha that segment of the show with the phone call had me rolling. Poor Mask.. I actually felt bad for the guy.

Yeah, it must suck to have to paint yer face every mornin.'

mask and doink have something in common-they are both clowns


THATS STREET fails at being street.



Mask seems like a good guy.

they may be this or that, but tell me that chuck liddell entrance vid they did wasn't...well...STREET

ya know, i never liked tapout caue i thought that they were just punk wanna be toughguys.... after watching the show I think its pretty good. And i dont dislike them as much because i truly believe theyre not acting, they just really that stupid.

but man, they managed to really pull a busines together somehow and its cool how there down in the trenches at the fighter level.... and the show is kinda little funny

I really disliked the show initially but it grew on me. I liked the way Mask treated Matt Majors. If that is how Mask is, I don't give a damn how he dresses. If he likes it, wtf.

I read there was more to the Serra bail-out than a simple "mo' money." But THAT title fight with the upset, must have sucked big time for Tapout.

That Chack entrance video was even worse than the UFC 36 "voice of God."

I never understood the ChinChek commercials on Sherdog radio... "Too many fight gear companies out there worry too much about putting on badass marketing and badass imaging, when they should be focusing on making badass styles"... until I saw the Tapout show.

someone please post a vid or something so that I know what the heck is going on with Serra and TapOut


Best. Line. Ever.

Seriously. Dude, you just made a fan out of me.

I serously doubt they are hurting financially. Several big distribution companies place huge tapout orders frequently and every redneck and gangster wanna be in the States will have a tapout t-shirt within 2 years.

They have went a different route with advertising than most companies. Most companies focus on sponsering fighters and putting their faces out there but Tapout is actually creating a brand around themselves that is not showcasing fighters in their ads. I know they sponser plenty of dudes and that's the point of the show but they are actually the face of tapout.

I personally don't like their style of marketing but it also doesn't run them the risk of say a company like American Fighter where they are very dependent on Rich Franklin doing well.

lmao @ tapout water