Serra, Rosholt, & Roufus- Cage Radio: listen now!

Radio Show today includes:
- UFC 102 Recap
- Matt Serra Interview
- Jake Rosholt (won last night at 102)
- Duke Roufus on MMA Regulations

Starts at 6PM Central

it's free and on live right now!
(give 30 seconds to load if blank screen)

And where is the link to listen, good sir? 

Good Sir? Please Help.  I Love MMA Radio but require the url. 

updated - just getting started now - tune in!

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Canada wants to listen too :(

We have tons of MMA fans here why cut us out? 

If anybody knows a way around that crap lemme know! 

I don't know how to fix that. sorry dude

Jake Rosholt is on now.
He just landed in vegas.