Matt will face Pete Spratt tonight in a pre-taped episode of Tuff.

What are your thoughts on how this fight plays out ??

well considering spoilers have been out forever...

Matt was hit so hard that his accent has now changed to Bostonian! Wick'd

Damn, u fuggers better be carrying on one of them so called practical jokes right now... or I may be forced to post a second message with LOTS OF BOLD LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!!!! to express my feelings in an original way.

VERY dissappointed with how the previews have shown him laid out since before the season even started. I would have really been pulling for him to get to the finals otherwise.

bawoooohahaha !!! SPRATT IS A Monster fo sho !!!

And this is BS, right? I missed the show last night. What really happened? I can't find any other threads.

Winner : Serra - Pete Spratt taps out to strikes from under Matts mount.

well considering spoilers have been out forever...

Serra totally dominated Pete Spratt -