Serra's Blasting Hughes on...

MMAWEEKLY Radio Right now...

Serra said after the fight Cummo spoke to Hughes about the Serra/GSP fight. He said Georges was suprised by Serra's nonconventional striking style. Serra went on to clown on Hughes and his striking in his fight with GSP, saying the guy gets kicked in the leg and throws his hands up by his head and looks to the ref for help. Then he took a few shots on Hughes actions on laughing after the fight was over, and him calling himself a good Cristian. Saying the guy is pretty much just an arrogant dick. Good interview by MMAWEEKLY.


Hughes should tremble

What's the dish?

What's he saying?!!?

I think he earned the right to do it.

what the fuck would Hughes do to him. Serra would knock farm boy the fuck out, at best Hughes lays on him for 5 rounds.

sounds like a humble dude

i missed the blasting hughes part. But sounds like mmaweekly aren't too keen on Hughes, lol.

I have always liked anyone who isn't afraid to say what they think.

"Serra would knock farm boy the fuck out, at best Hughes lays on him for 5 rounds."

Guess you are only as good as your last fight.

it's nothing new that Serra dislikes Hughes. He's allowed to say what he wants...

When they fight, I'll have $1,000 that says that Hughes doesn't submit Serra. Let me know.

"Hughes' BJJ is very underrated and he came much closer to submitting Lytle than Serra did. Hughes will be too strong for him."

Very true. Not saying that Serra cant tap Hughes but Serra couldnt tap nearly everyone he's fought, no dis, i love his style of jits but kicking the facts is just that.

And lol at everyone saying still how Hughes will just lay on Serra or anyone. Hughes' bjj is truly underated.

Who cares? Hughes is a cocky asshole. That was made evident on the way he acted many times on TUF. Making fun of St. Pierre for no reason at clapping sarcastically when Serra one because he is upset when Serra came to GSP's defense when he was making fun of him.

Hughes stand up sucks, and Serra is far more skilled on the ground. at best 5 rounds of lay and pray for Hughes in as boring a manner as it gets. Serra's win setting up this probable snoozefest of a headliner is the worst thing that could have happend, and will make 1 up coming card a complete write off.

"yea.. well it wouldn't happen two times in a row"

That's what we said about Sokoudjou.

If Hughes is hungry, he can beat pretty much everyone at 170. When he's not motivated he is very beatable.

Nobody on this thread has said yet what Serra was saying about Hughes on the show....

lol at Hughes whipping Serra. Just like GSP would whip him? Hguhes only hope is to take him down and grind out a decision. Once on the ground Serra will have the edge. Just like Both Penn fights. IF BJ doesn't gas he would have tapped Hughes for a second time. Serra will finish the job.