Serra's new opponent

Hey Chris, I don't know much about the fighter that they replaced Javi with but from what I understand he trains with you. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on this fight. I understand that if he trains with you you're view is going to be partial, so try to be as impartial as you can. Thanks.

I think Serra is great. Gerald will definatly be tested. He doesn't train with me unfourtunatly. He trained with me for a few years but he trains with Eddie Bravo now. I will be cornering him but not training with him. Gerald will give him hell on the feet and might suprise him a lot on the ground. It will be a good one.

Thanks for the response as well as your response on another thread about why it seemed you didn't like Matt. I don't understand why you and other people have found Matt to be arrogant. I've never heard him talk poorly about his competition or talk as if he was going to win easily or anything like that. I used to live in Long Island and was fortunate enough to train with him. He is actually a nice guy and as far as ground technique he is rediculously awesome. In pure grappling, ADCC style, I can't see anyone getting him. I just feel that for him to be a big success in MMA style fighting that he would train harder and with better quality trainers in his stand up and wrestling. If he sharpened those areas up to be par with his grappling he could be a champion. I believe he has the talent, but as you know you need more than that. Time will tell.

What do you have coming up? I've heard talk about you and Renzo. I think that would be an awesome fight. Sorry, I'd have to root for Renzo, but you got me pulling for you for against anyone else outside of the Renzo camp and BJ Penn.

Be well and train hard, look forward to your next big fight.