Seth At +400. Good Bet?

 I just put some money on Seth at +400.  I think its some good money.  What does the UG think?

i think thats an amazing bet unless the fix is in.

very very good bet.

 holy crap

Amazing bet. I think Seth wins this. I would take it at 50/50

 if its a real fight, great bet

 You guys can go get it if you want.  I hope it comes through I won good on Radach already at +185

Good bet, but every EliteXC event features blatant favoritism and overt corruption.

dude...I know you didnt just bet on a fight dan mirgliota is reffing.

tell me you didnt.

Where are you betting?

 Damn it I didnt check the ref.  If it is a blatant fix im going to get pissed.

Excellent bet. Bo dog has them at +300

I should of bet on this fight 


If I was a bettin man Id take it


LMAO...I just got kimbo's bread...damn i didn't get in at +400..only +250, but a nice chunk of change never the less

How much did you make?

TTT for easy money.  YES YES YES

 congrats! well done

$250 for me!

I wish I would have seen this..