Seth Petruzelli vs.Dan Severn pics

great pics!

Severn looks horrible

LOL @ someone who can't spell "laying down knowledge..."

LOL @ internet toughies. Sounds like Adonis is living da vida loca, the American dream. Good for him. Fighting pro would be pretty stupid. Who knows he might really be tough. Could be. But i have always found it funny that men like to use all kinds of shit to throw at people. How much money you make, status if that means something.

There are two paths to take in lfe and only two. To be happy or to be right. You can not be both at the same time. No matter what story you tell. ANY argument against reality brings suffering. To be happy is to be OUT of your story. To be into your story ie. Im rich, upper class, important etc. is at ALL times at least on a subtle level causing pain. Brother must repent...:)

Nice pictures. Anyone know where some pictures of my fight with Wilson can be found?

congrats seth

is dan the least evolved of all veteran fighters?

Nice kick. And Severn looks just like ha always does.

Hope Dan isn`t going to be the new stepping stone for new up and coming fighters.

ttt- for such a friendly thread


quit with all the hating. Seth is a good up and commer. Would like to see him in the Next SB HW tourny. Are there plans for another one?

Way to go Seth. But dude...those titties...come on now

Seth over the Adonis by verbal beatdown so far. Better knock down a few more diet vanilla cokes before you come back to this neighborhood.

when is Seth fighting Buenetello (sp?) ?

Don't say those awful things about your mom.
Maybe after you get your taco bell up and running we can meet somewhere and fight with keyboards since thats about all your good for.


Anyone know where these pics are hosted and if there are pics from any of the other fights. I am looking for the pics taken of me versus wilson g.

I hosted them.

who took the pics

Seth the film is finished and your e-mail is not working, call me ASAP. By the way Seth has mad bling bling Adonis, more than you could imagine.


lol @ the unmarked eyebrows...keep kickin ass

lol Not everyone who has loose nipples has gyno. I've seen many a natural guy have them, and it is sometimes caused by drinking too much whole milk (did you guys know you're drinking all the hormones they give to the female cows to make them produce more milk when you drink it?).