Seth Petruzelli vs.Dan Severn pics

Seth needs to be in Pride.

weren't the trainers of Marvin Hagler the Petruzelli brothers?

if so, is Seth any relation?

Thanks a lot Sean. Try and get the others up I sent ya. We would all like to see him in Pride or UFC. Keep this up and maybe Dana will get wind.

Check him out at SILVERBACKSETH.COM or more of his pics at our team site MARCIOSIMAS.COM.

SPRAWL.TV will also have some pics up soon. Those guys kick ass for sponsorship BTW.

Gotta love the UG logic. Severn sux but when someone beats him he belings in Pride. That must mean Severn doesn't suck that bad no?

P.S. Not a diss on Seth, just dropping knowledge on you folks.

"severn looks ripped, young, and at the top of his game there"----lol yea he looks in great shape

Adonis -

At least he gets in the ring.....

He's a fighter.....

He's a warrior.....

How many fights have you had.....

Who are you keyboard warrior....

Let's see you do better....

I think I covered most of the lame ass comments that are sure to come.


PS Does anyone see some titties in those shots?

I assume Seth won, what was the result?


What is with the disrespect to the Beast. Dan is all man and one of the guys who put "our" sport on the mat. What the fuck do you expect a guy almost 50 to look like? Dan may not be top ten, but he still wins and is a draw for the smaller shows. Props to Dan for being a warrior, win or lose.

Congratulations to Seth. Dan is no pushover regardless of how old he is.

Seth don't you agree that the disrespect to The Beast is uncalled for and wrong? Congrats on your win.

If Seth can stay injury free, he has a very bright future in MMA.

As much as he fights, Severn has 8 losses and 6 draws. This while having 56 wins. Drawing with him is an accomplishment but beating him in such a sound manner definetly should open the eyes of the major shows.

Congratulations Seth!

lol seth beats an out of shape 45 year old up and he deserves to be in Pride.

This isn't bodybuilding jackass. Good luck with your taco bell franchise. You are much cooler and tougher than Seth for not fighting and waging war from your keyboard.

I wasn't disrespecting Dan I think he is a great fighter and one of the fathers of this sport in this country. Infact he has fought for me in the past. I was laughing at the jerkoff that said he looked young and ripped.

Seth is a great prospect and deserves the chance to fight in a big show!

Looks like the silverback beat the hell out of Dan.

Nice kick! :)

LOL@marketstreet who has caught a case of the supreemly correct.

oops! they were Petronelli brothers...just remebered!