SF Challengers 17 sold 458 tickets

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                                SF Challengers 17 sold 458 tickets

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It’s not uncommon for a Mixed Martial Arts promotion to hand out complimentary tickets to lucky fans or to personal acquaintances of people associated with the organization. However, in the case of Strikeforce Challengers 17 it appears officials gave away more than 3X the amount actually sold to the event and likely raised a few additional eyebrows in the process as well.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission announced the figures earlier today including tickets sold (458), tickets comped (1418), and a live gate ($42,987.50). Also mentioned were the amount of tickets left unsold with the number totaling nearly a fifth of those that had been paid for.

The event exceeded the last Challengers card in terms of live gate, which was held in Kent, Washington, by less than $300.

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Big mistake moving all the Challengers shows to Vegas. Vegas is a town that is only going to pay for big fights and none of these Challengers shows are going to have big fights.

 I want my fucking money back!


Sure - it didn't have 'UFC' in the title.

Most people still don't care about MMA unless it's the UFC or their cousin's fighting on the card. Most may never, really.

Damn our local shows in Erie PA, with all am fighters none the less, draw like atleast 300 and the promoter sucks at advertising... Wow Phone Post

That's nothing less than pathetic imo, shows how many 'real mma fans' are in Vegas. I've been to small shows in much smaller towns, where the fighters didn't even get paid, that had 2X+ that many in the audience easily.

unless a friend of mine is fighting I could care less about the smaller shows as does the public.