Shaft vs. Dolemite

OK, who would take it. Having a disagreement with someone.

I say Shaft, he's a bad man.
He says Dolemite, with no weapons, that dolemite is a Karate choppin' mofo.


i'm still saying dolemite.

is it because Isaac didn't sing about him? bullshit, you don't need Isaac Hayes to help your badness, you're born bad and dolemite, my friend, is most certianly the baddest of the bad.

how about a four man tournament with shaft, dolemite, superfly, and black belt jones. who takes that one?

Shaft all the way.

Dolemite by bad rhyme Rd2.

please. Shaft will take your asses and your woman.

Dolemite. He could spout poetry while kicking ass.

Shaft would beat that motha(shut yo mouth)


I believe Shonie Carter channels Dolemite during his fights. The ones that he wins anyway.


where's your Shaft at now Swamprocker??

i mean.. where's your.. shut up!

I get a strong feeling that the winner would be 




Coffey would so kick everyone's ass