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MMA Evolution

We talk to Legend Frank Shamrock, Soon to be legend Sven Bean.  We talk TMA, street fighting, and more.  We also review BJJ Master Text and Clinch Shorts - To great - Must have products.

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Reilly you listed Sven Bean as the promoter for RITC... He is the promoter for ROF. Just thought you should know.

Oh yeah, Sven is the man!

Waiiit, you're Eric callahan? I'm derek Callahan! (as the
name suggests) small, creepy world.....

I said RITC? Are you sure? I talked about ROF with Sven for 10 minutes. Or is that what it says on the web page? I didn't read the web page. I’m just on air talent. :)

Your right it does say RITC on the web page... Heads will roll!!!


LOL! Reilly..

TTT for you!