Shamrock V Gracie - What's next

Will showtime try to sign Ken v. Rickson?

Ken v. Renzo?

Ken v. Roger?

Ken v. Daniel?


Frank would never take a no rules match ion Brazil.

I like Bob v Helio !!

There were a number of hints throughout the show that Showtime would like to continue Shamrock v. Gracie.

I'm all for it. I don't care if Frank got DQ'd, I think he's a jerk, but I still want to see him fight and get beat down. His standup looked pretty decent, and I have yet to see him get owned since Lober knocked his tooth out over a decade ago.

There will not be a rematch, and I don't think Frank's signed with showtime for another fight.

Ken v. Rix would be classic. I see it going much like Renzo v. Frank, up until the foul.


"Royce would beat Frank." Not very likely, Renzo's standup and takedowns are light years beyond Royce. Royce wouldn't be able to get Frank to the ground and would get knocked out.

I think Frank would beat Royce, and I'm a huge Renzo supporter, but I think Frank had Renzo's number in this fight. I was cheering for Renzo to close the distance and get the TD, because on the feet it was only a matter of time before Frank got the KO.

Frank got frustrated on the bottom and cheated. Renzo might have gotten a decision victory.

Doesn Showtime/Shaw have the $$$ to make Ken v. Rix?


Correction: Frank knocked Lober's tooth out.