Shane Carwin vs. Gabriel Gonzaga


I like both a lot, i see gonzaga takin it, superior bjj and Carwin doesn't have the top game couture has.

Great fight though,

ttt for joe silva

Do you think the winner of this match would be next in line for a title shot?

Carwin takes this one.

Great opportunity for Carwin; should he beat Gonzaga will be in the top ten and with a follow on win or two will get a Title Shot.

 I will go with Carwin. Seen him fight live 4 times and he is the real deal

Carwin will probably win, I'm pulling for Gonzaga though.

Gonzaga should win but if he tries to get aggressive and throw heavy shots with Carwin he will go down. I think he's smarter than that and will win the fight

I'm just glad they made this fight!

I still don't get why people are so much more hyped for Velasquez then they are for Carwin.

Neither has fought anyone great (sorry..but Jake O'brien isn't great), and Carwin has a more impressive record and background.

I think that Shane has a great chance in this fight, but Gonzaga will be a VERY big step up in quality for him.

Also, don't forget that Carwin is now training with Nate Marquart which will likely mean that he will be working with a very impressive team.

Good fight to see where Carwin is at.

He has obviously wrecked shop so far but considering the competition there are more than a few questions marks, for example Neil Wain was able to get to him standing brief as that fight was.

Like I said just glad we get to see him against a higher tier opponent so we can find out how good he really is.

Gonzaga by whatever he wants

Great HW fight!

I think Carwin will have too much stamina for GG.

Carwin will most likely get armbared

 If ANYONE armbars Shane it would shock me to my core!! I have trained many times with him, and his jiu jitsu is good and getting better, his standup is clean and getting better all the time, and his wrestling is top notch!

I pick Shane by TKO late in the first or before the second round is over!

Gonzaga has more ways to win--which is what I've said about every fight he's lost.

At this point I favor any good fighter who comes to win over Gonzaga until he proves me wrong twice in a row.

 Great fight!!!

I have no idea who wins,  but I will gladly watch

JayBRO - Gonzaga by whatever he wants


Bry Bry - looks like carwin will get his first loss..sorry i just dont see what great skills carwin has yet..big and strong and decent hands but thats all ive seen and he hads fought c level fighters so..