Shane Del Rosario thinks Fedor is still #1

I dunno about you but I think at current time, with his K-1 performances Alistair is the king of the Strikeforce Heavy's. I have to admit, I do think Cain is going to keep the strap for a long long time. Is it just me or does it sound like Rosario is drunk during the interview?

role model -  If Fedor beats Overeem in 2011 he might regain that title. I hope they stop pussyfooting around and get down to business. Fedors the GOAT but at this moment he's reasonably ranked 4-5, simple because he lost his last fight, and other guys have been fighting more and winning big fights. Phone Post

 just gotta compliment you on your bad dudes avatar, i effing loved that game as a kid!

shane sounds drunk in this video. My have taken too much to the dome to think Fedor is #1 in SF. Overeem has fought more, done better against Rogers than Fedor and then add the k1 performance.

That horse eating dutch man is on fire!