Shane Mosely is a HYPOCRITE

Shane is a guy who talks one way and acts another. I could go on and on with examples but the main one I see now is a perfect example. Fightnews is reporting that Shane's pay for the Winky fight is 2.1 million and Winky is getting 800,000.00. Shane is always babbling about being treated fairly but he is getting almost 73% against Winky. That is greedy as hell IMO.

I also laugh at his promoter Gary Shaw bashing Oscar for wanting a catchweight vs Bernard but forgot that Shane said if he fought Bernard he would do it at a catchweight. The biggest pronmotion they have gotten on this fight was the day they all 3 started bashing Oscar. Shane said after beating him twice that "he was no challenge". I think he got it mixed up with himself and Vernon Forrest. I think I will go pop in the tape of the bodyshot that Vernon hit Shane with and made him scream as loud as his skank wife.

After you watch Vernon hit Shane with the body shot, stick in the tape of Vernon coming into the ring like he is one of the Wu Tang and getting clipped on the chin by Mayorga. Mayorga then gives a classic postfight interview, and has a cigarette courtesy of Merchant.

rogie he actually got clipped on the temple. Mayorga then lost the rematch IMO, got butt raped by Don King, put in against Spinks for about 500,000 and lost a multi million dollar fight with shane. Since that KO, Mayorga could possibly be the dumbest, worst managed fighter in boxing.

Shane blatantly ducked Vernon for years. I said it when Larry Merchant was calling him the next Ray Robinson. People said i was crazy. It is obvious that Shane has an inner fear of Vernon that he will never get away from. Although Vernon whalloped him like a sparring partner in their first fight, the 2nd fight told me more about Shane. In a big fight, I have never seen a guy so gunshy of his opponents right hand. Vernon could fake a right hand and Shane practically jumped in his daddy's lap. Then after the fight and still now, Shnae says he won the fight. To me it was nearly as much of a blowout as the first. Vernon won 9 rounds probably.

Tomorrow nights fights IMO will be about which guy is/was the most overrtaed fighter of the 2. Winky was on his ass 5 times vs Julio Caesar Vasquez, a guy Pernell later whipped, and now guys like Greg Leon have him in the top 10 PFP. Shane IMO has not won a fight in several years now and has digressed as a fighter.

I think Stinky will win saturday night fairly easily. He is much bigger tha Shane and I predict shane will struggle with a southpaw. I also think Winky is treating this fight much more seriously than Shane. IMO Stinky will be the guy who wants it more. I doubt either guy will be able to do much damage so i see Winky winning a decision but possibly getting robbed. Jay Nady is the ref I think.

Anyone who thinks Shane even won 4 rounds in the Forrest rematch needs to take some sort of class about boxing. That is about the dumbest thing a boxing fan can say. IMO and that of the vast majority, Shane is 1-3 in his 4 biggest fights.

Personally I give Mosely props for fighting both Wright and Forrest. Dela Hoya and Wright could campaign in the same division for decades and that fight would never get signed.

I think Shane will beat Wright, and fairly convincingly at that. I dont believe that Winky hits hard enough to keep Shane off of him, and once on the inside, the southpaw stance wont be as much of an issue.

I'm not convinced that Wright is an elite fighter either. His big claim to fame is the Vargas fight. Yes, I thought he deserved to win that fight, but he allowed Vargas to come from behind to pull out the victory.

The same Vargas who's been crushed by the only two elite level fighters (Tito and Oscar) that he's ever faced (yes, he had his moments, but he was crushed by both). Elite fighters find ways to win, but Winky found a way to lose. He lost a big lead down the stretch in his one "big" fight.

Wright's not looked good against average opponents recently, and wasn't as mobile as he should be against a fighter like Shane. Maybe he brawled in spots with those guys because he wasn't concerned about them, but I question that. Why make your fights any tougher than they need to be?

I think Winky will have his moments (early), but down the stretch, the body work and pressure will take it's toll, and Shane will get a well deserved unanimous decision victory.

"to keep Shane off of him"??????

I understand Winky does not have much power but what power does Shane have at 154?????I just do not see it. Shane hardly even throws a punch. Since his first fight with Vernon, Shane has yet to even hurt someone, much less overwhelm them. If swinging wildly with your eyes closed like he did vs Oscar impresses you so be it. I was very unimpressed. Against Oscar, I think Shane loooked like a somewhat shot fighter and I truly have my doubts about Shane and steroids.

That said, Stinky has never really impressed me a whole lot and I disagree that he won the Vargas fight. Vargas won by a couple of rounds IMO. You cannot do more with your mouth than with your fists and expect a decision.

I still pick Winky to control the fight and walk Shane down somewhat. I think he has a size and strength advantage and is the more hungry guy. I wop0uld not be shocked if Stinky stops Shane. If I were Winky, I would be very skeptical of going to the cards. If Shane can get a bogus decision in Vegas over the Golden Child, Stinky could have big problems.

homie I agree with your post but I disagree with your premise. I can see how you would say Shane was "making the fight" with Oscar but i have another take. In that fight, both guys planned on coming in and outboxing the other guy. Remember what we heard for years: "Oscar cannot handle Shane's handspeed". That is what most people thought. However, Oscar came in and was clearly the better, more skilled boxer that night just like IMO Shane proved it in their first fight. So the fight was made by Oscar by forcing Shane out of his gameplan, again, just as Shane did to him in the first fight.

Shane aws clearly swinging in desperation late and his attempt was good but well short of the mark. I do not credit a guy much when he swings wildly with his eyes closed because he knows he is losing and lands on the arms etc. Maybe I am crazy, but there is no intelligent arguement that I have heard that remotely makes me think Shane was even in that fight, even though I have heard arguements from many intelligent people. The rematch kinda sucked IMO. Shane did nothing and Oscar used quick flurries and coasted some. Their first fight was one of the more high level fights I have ever seen. No clenches, excellent technique and very close. I though Oscar lost mostly because he was used up a little with so many consecurtive mega fights. he fought Quartey, Tito and Shane (all 3 top five PFP and undefeated at fight time) and it was Shane's first ever big fight. Shane was clearly more ready and prepared that night IMO. He seemed the fresher guy.

"Shane is a guy who talks one way and acts another. I could go on and on with examples but the main one I see now is a perfect example. Fightnews is reporting that Shane's pay for the Winky fight is 2.1 million and Winky is getting 800,000.00. Shane is always babbling about being treated fairly but he is getting almost 73% against Winky. That is greedy as hell IMO."

Wow, Shane is giving Winky a SHOT, hes taking an UNNECCESARY risk, so i have no problem with that, and Wink didnt either.


That's my tale exactly Winky had no problem with it
whatsoever.People here want to call Shane a hypocrite over
something his promoter said.They also wnat to use
fragments of a story to fit their agenda.Shane fought a tough
dangerous opponent and i give him props for that.He didn't
have to and still would have kept his market value,because
the casual boxing fan no nothing about Winky Wright,so
ducking him wouldn't be a big issue.

I think Oscar was the one who chose to fight Mega fights,he
was the one who said "big fights only from now on".Having
handled some lower caliber guy's.Everytime he stepped up
to that higher level he usually lost.Quartey he lost.tTrinidad
He lost.Moseley he lost .I don't know if he's overrated,but
definately over hyped,the guy has heart,but he lost to the
better fighters.

Forrest DID beat Mayorga and I do not think IWAN thinks Mosley sucks. He is a fighter on the decline and I think it's painfully obvious. He's looked mediocre at best in his last 5 fights.

Shane does not suck at all. He did get a bigger spread vs Winky % wise than Oscar got vs Shane. Shane says Oscar was greedy. What does that say about him? And Forrest did beat Mayorga. Gator's dream man Max Kellerman had it 8-4 Forrest.

I watched the fight twice yesterday as I was overserved Saturday night and saw the fight the way Merchant normally does, drunk, and the main thing that stands out to me now is just how much bigger Winky looked than Shane. I know what the weights were but Winky is a damn big jr MW. I thinmk it is a stretch to give Shane more than 2 rounds. Maybe 5 and 6 but certainly not the 12th. Shane was competitive but overmatched. Shane just cannot move side to side. He stands straighht up and takes too many shots he should be avoiding. He never slid to the side of Winky and used his speed. He just stood in front and threw big shots. Winky blocked many of them and I think Shane was tired because he had so much on his shots. I also think, although no replay was shown, that Shnae was knocked down at the very end of round 12. He was not hurt but I think he went down from a shot.

Shane barely averaged 50 punches a round by compubox totals. He just is not busy enough. Winky will be tough for anyone to beat at 154. He now has confidence he can win the big fight and he as in top shape Saturday night. Much better than in years. He lacks power so maybe a young guy like Ouma or Travis simms can put some hurt on him but I do not know. I would like to see Winky vs Vernonj Forrest. I would probably go with Winky in that fight althoughy Vernon has a huge right hand anbd Winky is a southpaw.

"And Forrest did beat Mayorga. Gator's dream man Max Kellerman had it 8-4 Forrest."

You lose any credibility when you cite Kellerman. Mayorga was the aggressor for much of the fight, and Vernon ran. I had it 115-113 for Mayorga in the rematch. Vernon then showed that he is a sore loser by insinuating that Mayorga was on drugs.

Winky and Vernon would be a great matchup. Vernon hits harder than Shane and is a smarter fighter. Winky's very good defensively and would be in great shape.

rogie I have no problem withy your score. I just disagree. While mayorga was sticking his chin out and making faces Vernon was landing. Kellerman is gator's dream for gay love and I need not kellerman to back my opinion just pointing out a fact to the bozo who insulted me. Vernon wsa even worse when he sprinted out of the ring after the decision. I lost alot of respect for him that night. But I still think he did more than mayorga. He just did not make a spectacle of himself like Mayorga. I never give points to a guy because he eats punches well. Coming forward and eating punches is not effective aggression. It is aggression only.

The way Vernon ducked away from some of those shots made Mayorga's punches probably look harder than they were. Vernon was shaken badly by some of Mayorga's bombs, and it seemed like Vernon could not pick it up a notch in the eleventh and 12th(both won by Mayorga).

I did not follow the thread very closely, so I was not paying attention to Gator Man's posts. I do think that Max Kellerman is way overhyped and Friday Night Fights would be better served with an articulate ex fighter on the screen as studio analyst.

Teddy Reid is a good comeback opponent for Vernon because he is poor defensively, and Forrest can get his confidence back with an early kayo. I would love to see Vernon and Winky, but I think Winky may have his eye on bigger fish right now. Boxingtalk is reporting today that Winky is apparently a free agent. I am sure that DK is interested in him, as if he has rights on both Tito and Winky it is a much more financially sound fight for him to make.

In both the Spinks and Forrest II fights, Mayorga landed a number of illegal shots that many people seem to be crediting as legal. In addition, Mayorga would swing wildly, miss, and the momentum of his body would come crashing into his opponent, throwing his opponent around. Perhaps this looks like effective aggresion but it is quite illegal in the boxing ring.

Mayorga is not very good when it comes to ACTUAL boxing.

Mosely should fight at a lower weight....

Who at 147 right now could stop Mosley?

Oscar's demand was a joke.Yeah he's the golden boy,who
brings in the fans,but you know what he lost........twice.If he
really wants redemption then the titel should be the only
thing on his mind,as he knows that if he wins it,he can
demand what he wants.