Shane Mosley Jr.: "I Can AVENGE My FATHER!"

". . . in 10 years. Maybe 15."

By then Lakai Mayweather and Cash Flow will be ready to defend the honor of the Mayweather boxing name.

TTT for Cash Flow. The look on his face hittin the pads is priceless.

Yea and Coleman's daughter will avenge Mark.

Young cash flow already looks better then moslety jr.

Loopy - Cash Flow is going to be create more attention in mainstream media than Brock Lesnar, Ortiz or Liddell in 20 years.

Mark my words. The kid is a golden ticket to a third generation monster.

I'm making a mental note to TTT this thread in 20 years time :)

Cash Flow be da man in 15 yrs.

he'll most likely not even be around in 10 to 15 years. He'll burn out

also saving this to ttt in 20 years

Lol, I remember that pic. Abs didn't help daddy though. Fedor: "Abs, I don't need no stinkin abs."