Shane Rice?

anyone know whats next for him, and when we can expect to see him back?

Shane is supposed to fight Thierry Quenneville in September or
October at TKO.

Sled Dog, give one of the Tompkins boys the t-shirt you owe me darn it! Heh heh heh...

P.S. - Please don't kill me.


sounds like that could be a good fight.

thanks for the info

When they are made you will get it. I am slow about this stuff and it drives everyone around here nuts.

Sled Dog, do you still get to train with Leo Gaje still?

Shane is still trying to get all the oil off him

Mark was over at my place for UFN.....I still can't get the oily footprints out of the carpet...... 


I sure do.

Tuhon Gaje was just in Vancouver with my old student Loki Jorgensen,
and I hope to have him back here in Montreal in October. In the mean
time I will be going to Texas in September to assist him at his training
camp near Dallas.

Thanks for asking.

I have a bootleg of a seminar of his in Texas.

That guy could cut 10 ways before you knew you'd been sliced.

Pekiti Tirsa is quite the system and like I said before my friend who had been showing me stuff was in love with it. In fact, my knifemaking teacher gets a lot of orders from their guys.

Do you still teach the system out of your gym?


Yes I do. We have a small but dedicated group. I can teach Pekiti Tirsia and Lacoste/Inosanto blend, but I focus more on Pekiti. I find it can be grasped more easily due to it's compact size (compared to the size of the Lacoste/Inosanto blend). We also do real contact stick fighting (Dog Brothers stuff, hense the name).

We are going a little more open door on this stuff starting this fall. We will be having mini get-togethers (dare I say "Gatherings?") about once a month. A lot of guys have approached me about the sparring and I thought this method would possibly get everybody together at one time for a common purpose. Marc Denny has some guys training at Kombat Arts in Toronto in DBMA. Maybe they would consider venturing down the 401 to cross sticks and share the love.

"Shane is supposed to fight Thierry Quenneville in September or

October at TKO."

I think this is a bad matchup.

I have a friend who studies Presas Arnis and we would often pull out the magic markers and fight to see who would get what in stand up or grappling.

Never got the chance to really work the stick stiff though. The motions I find anyone can do but in actual use it looked like a lot of guys fell apart.

Interesting though. Good luck on the gathering.

"I think this is a bad matchup."

for who, or just all around a bad match up style wise?