Shannon Briggs vs. Rampage Allegedly Set for 2/17 in Florida


Briggs looks like hes 20 years older than rampage. Is he in shape?

Super HWT division?

They definitely love each other

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Hahahaha Ive never actually seen that before.
O the hilarity!


I remember watching him live on TV in 1997 when he beat George Foreman, after that fight he fought Lennox

I’m dubious if this fight will go ahead or not

Hope it does, they have some friendly banter, I just hope they don’t do a work on us

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Well Bucky 3:16 said “I just whooped Ur ass HKP”

Still lol at Briggs joke about Tom Erikson from their K1 bout “He still sleep”

After this Briggs was asked who he wanted next in K1 and he said Gary Goodridge…We were ROBBED that would have been a war.

Here’s hoping Briggs KO Rampage and Titties Schoonover watches front row center.


This was wlad and briggs in a restauraunt, also funny.


Wow I’ve never seen that before! That was hilarious!

“Everywhere you go I go champ…make a wave…haha”


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Shannon was scarred shitless, not of Wlad…but the Water.


I didn’t see this happen, but two of my buddies (Yogi and BooBoo) told pretty much the same story. These two were not the most responsible people and I don’t doubt for a minute this happened but there is the possibility it was a different fighter or athlete.

It was when Briggs had won the US Nationals in the early 1990s. He was doing an interview on the 1st floor at a mall. From the 2nd floor my buddy (BooBoo) was yelling down at him interrupting the interview and calling him names.

Was calling him “cream puff” or “puddin,” some kind of pastry or dessert.

Briggs didn’t put up with the disrespect and started to run up the down side of the escalator. About the time he got to the top my other buddy (Yogi) yells to Briggs, “Hey champ that Motherfucker (referring to BooBoo who was still standing next to him) just ran down the other stairs, you should be able to catch him over there.”

Briggs goes back down the escalator and runs towards the other set of stairs. Yogi and BooBoo quickly leave the mall and have no idea what happened after that.

I’m unable to get better details as Yogi died in a car wreck, but was a huge goon that probably would have beaten Briggs in a street fight (Yogi would have gotten destroyed if they boxed with rules).

BooBoo was a small sucker punch artist and always started shit. Not really a good friend to have and would have probably been killed if he didn’t have Yogi as protection for all those years. Last I heard he testified (or was supposed to) in a huge case and never heard from again.

LMAO - Forgot all about the water on the head.

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It feels like they have been trying to promote this fight for years now. I think they actually like each other but they play like they have beef, maybe they did once. Hope they both make a giant pile of cash.

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