Sharpneing elbows and knee's?

kind of a stupid question but the thought consumes my mind -- would it be possible to have a type of surgery where a fighter undergoes surgery to sharpen their bones more in the elbow and knee area to deliver deadlier blows delivered cuts?

I feel like thatd hurt them more than their opponent Phone Post 3.0

wouldn't that just cut through your own skin/tissue first? lol

yes Phone Post 3.0

No it would fucking slice right through your skin and then you would lose on the count of doctors stoppage lol. Phone Post 3.0

gsp is not impressed with this question Phone Post 3.0

I believe 61-72.7% of ufc fighters already had the surgery done. Phone Post 3.0

This is why you shouldn't post under influence of drugs Phone Post 3.0

Most people don't want their elbows too pointy because it looks bad in pictures. Phone Post 3.0

dumbest thread of the month easily

i am not saying for a fighter to get surgery and have their elbows or knees sharpened like a knife, but just more edged then usual. if urijah hall could go on with a fight on a broken toe and not be stopped, i'm sure other fighters can too, the blows from a more chiseled more edge knee or elbow would deliver effectively more damage and cuts and under

Im too high for this shit Phone Post 3.0

I had 2 elbow surgeries one from a bursa sac removal at 16 and then when I was 19 to reattach a Tendon I tore when I broke my arm throwing a spinning back fist.  It is very sharp and nasty now.  I have cut a lot of people on accident with it while grappling where normal shapped elbows would not of done the same.  



That being said this is still a really dumb post.  Vote down.  

Sometimes there's threads on the UG that make me wonder if I'm the only 1 around here who isn't 14. And then I realize those threads are what make the UG the best!

Try a bench grinder, OP. Phone Post 3.0

If a dude can chop his dick off to fight as a woman, I guess this would be ok right?

Nick diaz had sharpening eyebrows, but then got them taken back out

I thonk bonnar got a sharpening face Phone Post 3.0

Paramount Donkey - I believe 61-72.7% of ufc fighters already had the surgery done. Phone Post 3.0
This! Elbow sharpening is the new TRT. Phone Post 3.0

I remember my first joint. Take it slow OP Phone Post 3.0

OP is on some X-Men type shit, trying to turn fighters into the Wolverine. Fuck man, why not go all Fantastic Four and try to inject a substance that would make your limbs more elastic. I bet that stretchy dude has a hell of a guard...