Sheila Cruz back in action Feb 25 Tulsa!


nice she puts on a good show every time

Sheila has really stepped up her training the past year, has totally concentrated on her Muay Thai with her Trainer Mike Cruz, also working her ground with Jamo him self.. This will be her break out year... Phone Post

I hope she fights in the nig braids again.

Who is the nig braids?

Aren't you like a Nicaraguan or something? You wouldn't understand.


with a black belt, 4 to 6 brown belt, and numerous Purple belt instructors in the area why would someone choose to work with a blue belt instructor? No disrespect intended that is a serious question.

Jamo has alot more experience than his BJJ blue belt would indicate.

Experience that would top working with a blackbelt or brown belt in bjj? i am intrigued.

Didn't say that, did I?

No I guess not.

I know guys like that as well. Guys who wrestled for 15 years and are white or blue belts in bjj.

SO what are you trying to say about Jamo? Are you calling him a scrub because he isn't a brown or black in BJJ? What the fuck is the matter with you?

It doesn't, I was simply implying that if you have a school that had a black belt instructor or a brown belt instructor, then, why would you choose a school with a blue belt instructor? Not saying anything about anyone. I would want to learn from the person with the most experience or at the very least someone who could rank me.

Thanks Mahomie.

"Kaizer Soze" no disrespect taken. If you have any questions about my class or are curious about my experience, please feel free to come by and take a class. Once you have taken my class, you can give an honest experienced review which would be more fair to me and my class and not an assumption. We will be training no-gi tomorrow morning at 10 and Sheila will be training then. Show up around 9:30 to fill out paperwork and to get stretched out. Phone Post


Honestly, Jamo, while "only" holding a blue belt in BJJ, has a vast wealth of knowledge in ground fighting and submission. I think what makes him even more valuable as an instructor is his ability to break down techniques so even people at the beginning level can understand and learn.

I was simply saying that, If someone is training for a fight and brazilian jiujitsu was their choice of groundwork, it does not make sense to go to a blue belt for instruction when you have several higher ranks with more bjj experience in the area. Does that not make sense to anyone else?

FYI - in the movie The Usual Suspects, te proper spelling was "Keyser Soze". Phone Post

Kaizer, let me ask you a question. Who do you currently train with?

Yes I am aware of this. But thank you. I chose to use my own spelling to be a little original.