Shelby Walker Interview


Shelby Walker Interview: Not just another pretty face


Not just another pretty face in the crowd but a lady warrior in the ring proving herself to the masses that she is to be taken seriously. Fighting her heart out to accomplish what she has set out to do, and that is to fight, to entertain and to win. Lady boxer and mixed martial arts star Shelby 'Girl' Walker isn’t just your average beauty unless you count bashing the heads of her opponents into the canvas as your normal American girl. This Southern beauty doesn’t play and by no means is she to be taken lightly by anyone.


It has been rumored that you may fight Erika Montoya at UFC 51, is there any truth to those rumors?

SW: Yeah there is truth to those rumors, it has been talked about a lot and when I asked Dana White if he was going to put us on the show he said possibly, so that is where it stands right now. I haven’t heard anything more from this but my biggest dream would be to fight in the UFC.

that was for UFC 51 - when they were going to be in Japan last month.

considering Erica and Shelby both lost there last fights, I don't think we will be seeing them fight each other in the UFC any time soon.

if we were going by hottest then Debi Purcell would be in there.


wtf? Pics?

This has popped up everywhere again.. come on guys.. you can't seriously think this would be a good fight?

Shelby is 2-3-0.
Her wins are over a 0-1-0 fighter and a 1-2-0 fighter.
She lost to Tara, AJ and Judy Neff.. all dominated her on the ground. Erica's ground is on par with or better than each of those 3.. She would beat Shelby as quick, if not quicker, by any submission she wanted, in dominating fashion.

If the UFC is hell bent on putting Shelby in there.. at least find her a good match. Find her a kickboxer or a boxer that will stand and mix it up..

The first fight in the UFC deserves to be a good match, and there are many talented athletes out there that deserve a shot.

nice belly

1 hot girl + 1 girl who loves fighting(and is a great fighter) = My dream woman!, great interview shelby, eric newell

I'm not trying to be overly critical, but I was surprised that her fight
team and manager would even let her make the decision of fighting
after her concussion. She said that the right side of her face was
completely frozen! That's what a fight team and manager is for, to
protect you esp from your bad decisions. I don't know much about
ATT or her trainer, but still surprised they let her fight.

Shelby is awesome!!!!!Very pretty and loves fighting.

She has a great double KO on the USMMA dvd.

Shelby is a true sweetheart.....and I really hope great things happen for her soon